what we offer guests


check in & check out

We welcome guests and make sure that they are comfortable, show the guest the property, and tell them about nearby areas of interests. We make sure that the guests find the house clean and will do a walk-through to check for damages. We will also liaise with estate and complex managers for access codes.

concierge service

Personalized recommendations on what to do, where to eat, or other particulars about the city.


professional housekeeping

We are a committed team, always available to arrange additional cleaning services if necessary, whenever the guest needs it. This will be provided at an extra cost to the guest.

professional laundry

Laundry services can be provided when required by the guest, arrangements will be made for the laundry to be picked up and dropped off. This service is provided at an extra cost to the guest.


welcome pack

A welcome pack is made available for the arrival of a new guest. We make sure that we create an inviting ambiance for the guest.

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1st Floor Dainfern Square, Cnr William Nicol & Broadacres Avenue, Dainfern, Johannesburg, 2191

Opening Hours: 9am - 7pm